Monday, November 23, 2009

Save On Crafts... coolness!

I found this website about a year ago and couldn't believe how much cool stuff they had. I can spend hours on there....wishing! I told my husband I wanted some cash for Christmas this year. Everything is very reasonable too, which makes the cool stuff even cooler!

I wanted to share it with y'all...

~dried lavender bundles

~faux berry ball

~Eco friendly tote

~damask candle

~pretty parasols

~pedestal dessert stand

~preserved roses

~ceramic bird whistle vase

~apothecary jars

It all makes me smile....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thrive....West Texas Girls Conference


I spent last weekend with 10 teen and preteen girls. We went to Abilene Texas to the ACU campus, my alma mater. I was one of two mothers from our church to make the trip.

"Don't fear tomorrow because God is already there."
This was one of the messages.
We learned about how much God loves us. More than we can even comprehend. I've always known this, but it's nice to be reminded. I was so glad I went. I think I got more out of it than the girls.
With all the, well, crap that's out there that is being fed to our children everyday, it's good for them to hear how special they are to God. Especially girls. Sometimes they try to find love and acceptance in all the wrong ways, so they need to know that GOD LOVES THEM!

*My girls*

*JJ Heller and her husband sang beautiful songs to us*

*crazy girls (and a mom)*

*Beautiful Sarah*

*Art that some of the girls did*

*They gave each girl that was there a ring that the guest speaker and her friends had been praying over for weeks*

*We bought bracelets from an organization called
Eternal Threads*

*We can't wait to go back next year!*

Don't fear tomorrow... God is already there!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


This post is kinda all over the place. I just have lots of things to share :O)
The door knob above is a "sneak peek." I have a project I will be working on and I may be working on it for awhile.

~* FALL *~

It seems like the leaves are turning and falling overnight. Our driveway is full of leaves.
There's nothing more beautiful than nature.

Fleur di lis finials.... 3 for $5. These things are HEAVY!

I bought this pretty little creamer at Goodwill for $1.

Noritake sugar bowl $2. Goodwill.

Cute little crock that says "Ambiance." I wasn't sure what to do with it, but I thought it was so cute. I found the perfect use for it. I sat it beside the sink and put my sponges and pampered chef plate scraper in it. LoVe it! Oh yeah... $2. Goodwill.

Here I am modeling my vintage earring ring. It's a Sarah Coventry earring that my mother used to wear. She also sold Sarah Coventry. She loved jewelry. I am my mother's daughter!
Hope you liked the *STUFF*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cloth napkins and Memories

I bought these cloth napkins a couple of months ago at an estate sale. They brought back good memories of Sunday lunch... roast, mashed potatoes with roast gravy, green beans, rolls. Okay, now I'm hungry. Anyway, we always ate Sunday lunch at the dining room table and used cloth napkins. My mother taught me how to iron the cloth napkins when I was a little girl. I washed these napkins and when I took them out of the dryer they were SO wrinkled. I thought to myself, "oh, I'm going to have to iron these " and then I remembered my mother teaching me how to iron them.

I was ironing something for one of the kids before school and I picked up one of the napkins and started ironing it. Memories came flooding back. I hadn't planned on ironing those cloth napkins that day, but as I stood there I just kept ironing. It felt good. It took me back to a time when I had no worries or responsibilities. I was just a little girl learning how to iron cloth napkins... iron out the wrinkles... fold, iron the crease... fold again, iron the crease... and fold again.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Craft Room Journey....

This is my storage building. A few years ago it sit by the road and I had a children's resale shop in it. I didn't have a lot of business, but it was fun and I tried. That's what counts... I tried! I was open a couple of years and then decided to shut it down. We moved the building into our pasture, just outside of our back yard. My husband built the hitching post for our horses. It's a cute little building and I have BIG PLANS for it.

Here's what it looks like inside right now. Sad, I know. BUT... I will have a yard sale this weekend... FINALLY! It's been raining for the past month so my yard sale has not gone as planned. It's going to be dry and warm all week so this week I will be pricing and organizing.

Look at this mess!!
See that cute iron bed? It's going in my daughter's room. We'll paint it as soon as she decides on a color. My mother bought this bed for me about 30 years ago. It's been gold, peach and the burgundy color it is now.

This is my husband's side of the building.

My BIG PLANS..... are.... to clear the building out and make it my craft room. It will probably take awhile, but when it's finished I'm going to be one *happy crafter*
I have an antique door that I'm going to make into a crafting table and lots of ideas, which I will document in my blog.

Stop by and watch my progress. Also, I will be asking for ideas.

Have a great week y'all~