Saturday, August 29, 2009

Me and E's Saturday Adventure.........

Well, we started out with donuts... of course! 3 chocolate and 3 glazed. He ate 4. I ate 2. And we shared a chocolate milk... yum-o!

It was supposed to be "my" morning alone... garage saleing and running errands, but E decided to tag along.
While trying to find our garage sales we saw this cool zebra jeep. I see a guy driving it around town sometimes. I mean how could you miss it? So, I decided to take a picture of it because I just think it is so cool. Maybe one day I'll have a zebra jeep!

And of course we had to stop at Sonic... we were pretty parched from all the garage saleing!

It had been AT LEAST an hour since E had his FOUR donuts, so he thought he should probably have his favorite (besides McD's chicken nuggets)... a grilled cheese sandwich.

Then it was time to stop off at Goodwill since I couldn't find half the streets where the garage sales where. I definitely know how to get to Goodwill! I only bought a candle there.

Before we headed home we stopped by the church parking lot so E could practice his skateboard moves. He's just learning and he's doing pretty good. This parking lot (and the donuts) was the reason he decided to tag along today.

While I was sitting in the car in the shade watching E a pretty little butterfly landed on the door.

On our way home we stopped to be nosey and look at this old house that is for sale. We thought some people were working there, but we decided to stop anyway. The new owners were there and let us come in and look around. How nice is that? E loved it. There was lots of doors and hallways and hidden places.

The balcony

Beautiful old window

The new owner, Bonita (very nice lady, who actually worked for the same company I worked for several years ago) said the house was built in 1906... that's pretty old!

Here's my "loot" for the day. I spent about $14. I'll post close-ups of what I got in a later blog.

I love this! It was $5. and it will go so perfect in my daughter's room. It holds a candle, but I'm not sure if we'll let her burn one. She's not allowed to have candles since she fell asleep one night and left one burning.

$2. Justice League of America monopoly game for E.

It was a good day!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is Pete.
He's cute, huh?
Well... let me tell you, he's cute, but he's BAD!
Okay, he's just a puppy so that's why he's bad.
Notice that he's behind bars. Yes, we live on 6 acres in the country.. a perfect place for a puppy to romp and play, but he's behind bars. Poor Pete you say? Okay, I agree, he should be romping and playing, but his brothers and sisters live next door so if we let him run and play he would run right next door to hang out with his siblings.
He's getting better. He's been here a few weeks so he's learning. Actually my son takes him out several times a day and plays with him and watches to make sure he doesn't make a mad dash to visit his family.

.... but he's still BAD!!!
See the bandaid on my toe? (Yes, I need a pedicure, but the chipped off polish is from the bandaid).... well, guess who bit my toe? Yep, Pete! I was trying to be nice and let him out from behind his bars and look what he does! How rude! And last week when I was trying to be nice, he scratched my leg and made it bleed. I had this huge scratch down my leg. Do I have to wear overalls and boots to play with Pete? I guess so!

So... here we are today. I'm giving him a second chance 'cuz he's just so cute and I know puppys like to chew on stuff... like my big toe. I think it's time we got him a big chew toy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's peaceful here today with no kids........... finally~
How do you like my chippy cat? He was in some of my mother's things. He's pretty sad-looking, but I like him anyway.
Have a peaceful day....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Got a few *ideas* goin' on in my head today. The closer school gets (tomorrow, yay!) the more creative juices start to flow.
We have a tour of old homes in my hometown every December. It's called The Candlewalk and my friend Julie and I have been going for the past several years. We have the best time touring old homes that have been restored. We get so many good ideas for our homes, and they usually stay "ideas" because we never do them. But we like to dream. Anyway, I got the idea today to try and set up a booth with my reconstructed vintage jewelry at one of the homes or businesses on the tour. My vintage jewelry would fit right in! I'll be talking to some people and trying to work that out.

The picture is just a mock up of a flyer that I might use to advertise. I'm trying to find a vintage looking font so I will be tweaking it and trying different things.

I've got another idea goin' on that I've been working on today. I'll blog about that soon....

The Candlewalk

Monday, August 24, 2009

Waiting.... 2 more days!

My kids will be back in school in 2 days! I have been counting the days for the last three weeks. I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything, and believe me, there's A LOT that needs to be done around here. (read previous blog) I have a hard time tackling projects when my kids are around... actually, when anyone is around. I do much better when I'm alone. I don't know if I get distracted or I'm afraid I'll start and have to stop a million times or what. I'm just not very good about jumping into a project. I have to think and plan before I start. I wish I wasn't this way because I'm sure I'd get a lot more done.

Here are a few things I've been working on when I find time to be creative. I plan to get busy (2 days from now :O) ) and get some things listed in my etsy store (I may have to take some better pictures) and also work on my jewelry display at the Antique Mall.

Another big project is my storage building that is packed full. (Blog coming soon) When the weather cools down a bit I'm going to have a humongo yard sale!!

2 more days.... just 2 more days!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So much to do... so little time (until the kids go back to school)

My list of things to do when the kids FINALLY go back to school....
*Have a yard sale
*Clean out storage building
*Make my storage building my new craft room
*Get a haircut
*Call the dentist and orthodontist and make my appointments
*Check on my jewelry display at the Antique Mall
*See if I've made any sales from my jewelry display
*Clean my floors
*Go to the library and read magazines and find a really good book
*Find a kitchen table for my new, remodeled kitchen
*Make lots of jewelry
*Go "junk" shopping and have lunch with a friend
*Get my life back
I could list a lot more, but I think that's enough....
...only 8 more days!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

summer's end...

Just wanted to post a quick blog. Summer is quickly coming to an end. I'm trying to get my mind in "school mode" and not doing a very good job of it. I'm ready for the kids to be back in school so I can have my life back :O)... but I really don't get my life back, I just end up spending lots of money and running the kids to and from school a million times a day. Good thing we live less than a minute from the school. I also substitute teach, which is a pretty easy job and gives me a little more money to spend on the kids.

I WILL be spending some time shopping, antiquing, junking though... I can hear the shops calling my name.... I also plan to blog on a regular basis when I'm home alone. And, of course... creating~

Here's some pictures I've taken recently of *pretty things*...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

*~ Shopping in Glen Rose ~*

I'm finally getting these loaded after a week! Beware... there are A LOT of pictures!!
The streets and shops of Glen Rose

I finally got to meet Kimberly of Earthly Possessions. I wish I would have taken a picture of her face... I guess we were too busy yappin' and she was showing me all kinds of goodies and was so sweet to give me a big discount! Can't wait to go back!!

Marbles at Earthly Possessions.... came home with a big bag of these!

More of Earthly Possessions... such a nice shop~

Lydia with a peacock wreath. She would have loved to have this.
This store was called "The Boutique"... cool stuff, but expensive. They had really, really funky cool clothes and jewelry, but I didn't get any pictures of them.

The Boutique

The Junkyard Dog.... LOVE this place! The owner is super friendly and there's plenty of beautiful things to buy.

...pretty wreath at the Junkyard Dog.

cool wood king-size headboard...

more Junkyard Dog

Gorgeous display of Talula's "revamped vintage" jewelry

Tori and Lydia outside of "Rummage Around"
... another gorgeous store with lots of goodies~

This store ~Angels with Attitude~ is so *sparkly*... it's a tiny,
tiny space with beautiful things

Can't remember the name of this antique shop, but the lady gave me an old,
antique bottle. Thanks!

I am SO going back to this shop... Tracks in Time.
I bought some old jewelry and a couple of skeleton keys here.
The owner was so friendly. My friend, Julie, and I will be visiting here when the kids are back in school. There was tons of old iron furniture that I can't wait to get back to!!!

Loved this old cage~

Lydia & Tori goin' in!

Here's what I'm coming back for!!
Hope you enjoyed "shopping" with me.......