Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dreaming of a backyard pond...

One thing on my wish list is to
have a backyard pond.
Since I was a little girl I wanted one.
My dad talked about building (do you BUILD a pond?)
a pond for a long time, but he just never got around to it.
So... I've been bugging my husband to build one.
So far he hasn't gotten around to it yet either.

Our house is for sale and hopefully we'll be moving soon.
I've been house hunting. I LOVE house hunting!
One thing I have to have is a nice big yard with nice big trees.
A nice big yard for a nice pond!

I want a pond with fish and frogs and turtles and
pretty plants and
pretty rocks.
And... a bench to sit on to watch the fish swim.
I'm pretty sure it would relieve any stress I was feeling.

One day I'll blog about MY pond
and how my husband and I built it
with our own two hands.
But for now I'll just download
google images of other peoples ponds.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Scenes from my kitchen

My kitchen was a mess for a week or two during and after Christmas cooking.

It's clean now, but we still have a few little messes here and there.

Here is my kitchen today...

This is just a little mess... just need to put a few things in their place.

See the cheap-o alarm clock/radio... I used to have a nice radio/cd player, but I moved it to the craft/storage/junk room and it got dropped a couple of times, so it's no longer nice, but it will do for the craft/storage/junk room. I really need a new one for the kitchen... I guess I shoulda asked Santa for one.

 Isn't this the cutest little teapot? I think it's supposed to be a Christmas ornament. I don't even remember where I got it...
but i lOvE it!!

Suncatcher and one of my garden charms hangin' around~

Antique bird cage that I picked for free in someones driveway.

We're planning on putting a cute little parakeet in there one of these days.

                                                                                  I have to have at least ONE messy pile.

The beta.... it's my son's. I think he named him Speedy or something like that. I think he's beautiful. I love to watch him swim.
Guess who takes care of him?

.... the windowsill

Still a few lingering signs of The Holidays....

On the fridge...

..... lists, schedules, mixed media magnets that I made, things my kids lovingly made me, a picture of the girls when they were little (sniff-sniff) magazine tear out of vegetables I'd like to grow {one of these days I'm gonna grow them!} ....

Thanks for stopping by