Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finally... a post and some furniture re-dos

Wow.... a post every 3 months. I'm on a roll!

I enjoy looking at other blogs so much that I forget about my own


I've been busy,


I've been busy painting furniture. Not really that busy though. I have two pieces that I've finished and the first piece, an antique dresser, only took me
a year
to finish!!


I started sanding on it probably OVER a year ago.

So, here it is....
the before.

She's pretty isn't she? She was in my dad's computer room for a long time and when
he cleaned it out I got to take her home. She sat in my storage building/craft room for awhile.
I sanded her and then, like I said, a year later...
I finished her.

Here she is in my daughter's room.
(excuse all the teenage girl crap everywhere)

I just bought some cheapie black paint from Wal-Mart and put about 3 coats on. Polyurethaned her. Then found these cute ceramic white rose knobs at Hobby Lobby.

 Now we just have to find a pretty mirror to go with her
(instead of the ugly mirror without a frame that's sitting on a towel so she won't get scratched
and leaned up against the wall)

And now for my second piece.
I found him (I call it a "him" because he's not very pretty)
at Goodwill... for FIVE dollars...bargain!

He was $15!
then FIVE!!

He's pretty sad, don't ya think?

I glued and used wood filler on a couple of places.
I had to use a chip clip for a clamp.
Clamps are on my list of things to buy.

Primer... the inside is still just primer, but i would like to paint it a bright color,
maybe turquoise, that just POPS when you open it.

I'm turquoise inside!


here he is....


(I made, or recycled, the coasters. I'll post about them tomorrow.
I promise. I'm back in blogger mode.)

Much better!!

Close up of the knobs... Hobby Lobby again.
Aren't they cute?

One more look at the
Before  &  Afters

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