Saturday, June 23, 2012

Audrey....i believe

Remember this Sneak Peek?

Well... I finished my project. I like how it turned out, but there is some smearing in the ink that I'm not too happy with. I always find lots of pictures online that I print out for my mixed media pieces, but when I mod podge them they usually smear. I finally googled it to see how to fix the problem. Clear acrylic sealer should do the trick! Unfortunately I didn't know this trick when I did this piece so I guess I'll just have to live with the smears. I plan to do some more of these (and I bought some sealer.)

 I think they're great gifts for teen girls. One of my daughters has already claimed this one :)

I just love Audrey's attitude.

i believe too

... more pics

Playing around with PicMonkey.
I love PicMonkey.

Ok, enough picture editing in PicMonkey :)

Here's how i made this work of art craft...

Found a pic of Audrey on Google images
Found the quote by her and typed it up and printed it out
Tore the picture so i wouldn't have straight edges
Cut out the quote
Bought a 6x6 3D stretched canvas (4 pack for cheap at Wally World)
Mod Podged it all (with a little smearing, but NO MORE SMEARS since I bought some acrylic sealer)

I'm thinking of adding ribbon for hanging on my next one. What do you think?