Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New pretty things....

... a few things I found last week at Craft Mart.
A couple of years ago I had a booth there to sell my jewelry. I'm surprised I sold any of it... it was pretty sad. Some of it was cute, but when I look back at my first pieces.... sad, but you have to start somewhere. I never took a jewelry making class. I just looked at jewelry magazines to get the basics and went from there. That's why I love looking at blogs. I get such good ideas and inspiration from so many talented, creative women!

I spent $6.62 on ALL of this stuff .... BARGAIN!!

I'm planning to paint the crosses and maybe put some Swarovski crystals on them. I'll use them as candle *bling*. What do you call them? When you stick them into a candle? I'll just call them candle *bling*. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the cute little bird. It also has point on it. Any ideas?

Metal Cross Finial

A silly picture of me hiding behind crepe myrtle blooms. After our week long rain all my trees bloomed like cRaZy!

Bye y'all

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A walk in the park

The REAL reason we took a walk in the park...
so he can skateboard

Friday, September 25, 2009

~Dreaming of a new Craft Room ~

Here's what my "craft space" looks like right now. I cleaned it not too long ago, but all of you who CREATE know that it doesn't stay clean very long. If it's clean.... you're not creating!

It's such a hodge podge of stuff. I dream of one day having all my supplies in beautiful containers that match. Well, not too matchy, but containers that all look pretty together in one heavenly crafting spot.

My plan...... is to have a huge yard sale within the next few weeks and clean out my storage building that is currently filled to the brim. It's a very nice storage building that was once my children's resale store. The building was sitting by the road (a pretty busy road for "the country"), but when I closed the store we moved it back further into the pasture.

It's the perfect place to put all my crafts and jewelry making supplies.

I have BIG plans for that storage building! I plan to craft with my daughters. Invite friends to come hang out and craft. Have my yearly jewelry sale there.

I'm also thinking about having a "PASTURE SALE" every few months and inviting people to set up and sale their goodies.

This is my Inspiration Bulletin Board. I have pictures from blogs of things I think are pretty and inspire me. I also have some work in progress pieces stuck up there, supplies and a sweet note from my daughter.

... some vintage pieces

vintage necklaces waiting to be used in some of my creations....

work in progress...

My newest piece.

Vintage pins on chunky chains... i just love how they turned out!

I'll keep ya posted on my new, dreamy, heavenly craft room....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Antique Alley

Saturday was Antique Alley. It's miles and miles of flea markets in my hometown and surrounding areas. They have it twice a year and my friend, Julie, and I try to go every year. Our favorite "spot" in Whippoorwill Hill. We think they have the best stuff.
Just look at all the goodies....

cutest little piggy ever....

Hi Olive Oyl and Popeye...

I thought this was such a good idea. Old light covers turned upside down.. add some wire and you have a pretty birdfeeder. Now I just have to find some old light covers.
Now, heres's some things I couldn't live without. I spent less than $20 all day.

Old frame... $5.
I'm going to buy some velvet ribbon to hang it with and maybe make a wall with picture-LESS frames. Yay!


It's all broken and worn and I LOVE IT!!!!

I FINALLY found a crown. They're so popular and I haven't been able to find any vintage ones. This was $3.

Old keys for jewelry and vintage bottle charms....
$1. for all three.

Rhinestone brooch (?)... not sure what it is. There is no pin on back, it's just hollow. I'm thinking it will go perfect on one of my vintage bottles. $1.00

Yay... I finally found some vintage religious pieces. This is the front.....

and this is the back. $1.00

Old crucifix.$2.00

Metal owl. .50 cents!!!
He looks kinda mad. :O)
I used to not like owls... they were so 70's! But now that they're back in style, I kinda think they're cute. Even this mad little guy. He's really heavy and solid.
I'm thinking about framing him, maybe with a little embroidered "saying" and some feathers glued to the frame.
Any suggestions on the embroidered "saying?"

Here's his backside.

Thanks for stopping by...
this was our sunset last night.
So beautiful~

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I've been busy AND my computer was down a couple of days, so it's been awhile since I've blogged. Yes, I did survive, but just barely. I still haven't caught up on all my blog reading. I'm hoping I can catch up this weekend.
It's been raining here for over a week. I'm not complaining. I'm pretty sure I can handle another week of rain, BUT I'd like to be able to sit on the couch with a blanket and read a book and watch Lifetime movies instead of running errands and subbing and running the kids here, there and everywhere in the pouring rain.
Well... here's some pictures of me. Not much going on to take pictures of so I'm just posting pictures of me. Is that weird? vain? narcissistic?
I did the 365 days project on flickr so I got used to taking pictures of me and sometimes I miss it.... so, here's me....

Me and Abigail~

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Look what I found today...

Today I stopped in to Craft Mart. I used to have a booth there so sometimes I stop in to look around and chat with the owner... a very nice lady. I found some goodies and only spent $2.44! Bargains, bargains, bargains!!
I've been wanting an apothecary jar and I found one for .50 cents!! Yes, .50 cents! It was marked $6.99. I had to ask the owner, "Is this really . 50 cents?"
One problem... it has painted flowers on it and I don't want painted flowers on my new, fabulous apothecary jar. I tried to scratch the paint with my fingernail, but it's not budging. The paint is very thin, so it may be some type of sticker. ??
Any advice on how to remove?
I also got two antique bottles. One was .75 cents... YES, .75 cents! The other was $1.00!
My lucky day!!

Can't wait to decorate/alter/reconstruct/recycle *bLinG* them out!

I'm just so excited about my apothecary jar. Those things are EXPENSIVE! I hit the jackpot today. Now if I can only get that dang paint off.

This picture of me has nothing to do with my great bargains today! I just thought it was funny, so I'm posting it. Have a happy day~

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm in love with antique bottles!

Since I'm addicted to reading blogs and looking at the most wonderful things that other women create... I've discovered antique bottles! I was inspired by some of my favorite bloggers who decorate antique bottles. I'm trying to find my own unique decorating style.

This is my newest creation. I made it yesterday. I bought a bag of feathers at Wal-Mart ( i think) and I knew I wanted to somehow use them on my bottles, but just wasn't sure what to do with them. So, I sat down at my craft table and just started putting things together to see how they looked.... this is what I came up with. I really like it! I think it's my favorite now!

This one I like, but I'm still not sure about the black velvet ribbon. I may try a cream colored satin ribbon and see how it looks.

This little bottle looks like it's wearing grand-ma's pearl necklace.

I think I'll just leave it like it is.


Tomorrow I'll be taking these to put in my display at the Red Horse Antique Mall. I sold two last week, so I'm hoping they will be successful.

(I'm not sure I can part with the newest "feather" bottle though...)