Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Home

This is my home. It's an old farm house. It's kind of charming, but it needs a lot of TLC. We've painted and put in new flooring in part of the house. It just takes time and money... I've got the time, but the money... not so much. When you have four kids (3 at home) they kind of like to eat so I spend a lot of money on groceries every week.
Sometimes I'd like to move to a brand new house with sparkling clean base boards, big walk-in closets and a jacuzzi tub. But... I think I would miss my cute little house. Actually it's not little. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths and it's about 2000 sq. feet. Not bad! It's also on 6 acres. If we tried to buy a new house with all that... well, there's no way. I might have a walk-in closet, but it would probably be as big as the bedrooms. At least old houses have big rooms. I also wouldn't have my big, wonderful front porch with my porch swing, wicker chairs and plants that I've planted, watered and loved.
I think I'll keep my charming little (big) house~
♥ Lora


Leslie Hahn said...

Absolutely gorgeous!
There is something romantic about old houses and this picture captures that very thought!
Thanks for sharing :)

Jes said...

OMG Lora! I totally hear you on this!!! We too have an old farmhouse that is ALWAYS in need of TLC! I sometimes I crave for a brand new house with STRAIGHT FLOORS and walls! It would also be nice to nail something into the wall without hearing the sound of old horse hair plaster falling. I guess that means there isn't much insulation left behind those walls eh??? LOL

Your home does look ADORABLE though!!

Have a great weekend!