Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Like... OMG"

Teen girls. Wow. They're really loud and they say "like" a lot, they talk about boys and refer to them as "hot guys." When I was a teen we refered to boys as "fine." They run around and scream. I NEVER did that! :O) They always have their cell phones with them ready to text or talk or take a picture. I REALLY never did that when I was a teen. I DID talk on the phone a lot though AND take pictures, but with a camera. My poor daughters... they don't have cell phones yet and they're probably the only 7th graders in their class not to have a cell phone. I know, I know, I'm a mean parent. Actually, I'm a poor parent and my daughters have managed to live without cell phones for 13 very long years. Although sometimes they think they're going to die if they don't get one. I've noticed that teen girls, at least mine and their friends, are a lot more huggy and loving toward each other than me and my friends were as teens. When my girls see their church friends they immediately hug each other like they haven't seen each other in years... it's been 3 days! Then when they have to leave each other they have to hug again and tell each other they love them. It gets a little annoying when they have to hug one more time and I've been sitting in the car for 30 minutes waiting on them, but, really I think it's a very sweet thing. I would much rather they act that way than the "Mean Girls" way. Us girls have got to stick together! I love my girlfriends and don't know what I would do without them! The teenage girl, on the other hand, can only be tolerated in short spurts of time. "Like, OMG, they like, get on my, like, last nerve and I, like, have to get, like, away from them or OMG, my head will explode!"

I love you Lydia and Tori!


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