Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Road Trip... Glen Rose Texas

So, I was feeling REALLY stressed.... kids, bills, insurance, doctor visits, college financial aid... you know, LIFE! I decided to take a road trip all by myself. I only had a few hours until the kids were out of school. I almost talked myself out of it since I only had a few hours for my road trip and I didn't want to spend money on gas, but I knew I needed to do it for my sanity... REALLY!
There's a little quaint town about 45 miles away from where I live and it's my most favorite place to visit. It's Glen Rose Texas. The Paluxy River runs through it. There's actually real dinosaur tracks in the river beds. The downtown area has such great shops and boutiques.

I shopped for awhile and spent just a little money, you know, for my sanity.

My last stop before heading home was Big Rocks Park. There's these HUGE rocks and the river running through them. You can sit on them and sun or have a picnic and then get in the shallow, running water to cool off. I brought my flip flops so

I could wade. It felt SO good.

I recommend a short road trip for moms everywhere!


Mystique Island Photography said...

thank you for sharing! I think I should put Texas on my travel list! :)

Dee said...

Lora! I love Glen Rose! I am so jealous you are so close. We used to take our kids there each summer to Glen Lake & the Moms would stay in the bed & breakfasts there & then hit those wonderful little stores all the way back to Austin after we left the kids at Glen Lake. It was such a wonderful memory for sooo many years. What a wonderful area to live in. Ahh, you make me think of those wonderful times. I miss those days. A few times I drove there with my husband to kick around but those days with the kids, Moms & the slow life in the Summers were just wonderful.

Lora said...

mystique island... The hill country of texas is very pretty. Glen Rose is on the edge of hill country.

dee... hi! So glad I could bring up such good memories for you. It sounds like so much fun with kids and friends!!!I just love Glen Rose. I want to move there some day!! I would LOVE to own one of the shops there... that's my "dream."

Dee said...

I know what you mean! I love it there. We enjoyed all of them. Also Cleburn has some cute stores as well. We all still laugh about a little old lady who had a store in Meridian & recently had surgery & since we were at her store one afternoon we all began moving furniture for her when some customer was wanting to buy some things. The customer wanted to have it loaded & we just joined in & moved furniture like we had good sense!! All the Mommies in the matching short sets & cute sandals were loading & hauling things. Good times & I love the wonderful PeoPle you run into there. You are a blessed woman Lora to live in that area of Texas! Truly blessed!!

Leslie Hahn~LesChic Jewelry Boutique said...

I'm imagining myself taking that trip..thanks for the visuals, internet is amazing isn't it?!

Jes said...

Oh so GOOD for you that you atole away a little ME time!!

And well, ahem, yes...of course...spending money to relieve stress. We're SUPPOSED to do that right? Cuz I kinda'
thought so......


lieblingartcrafts said...

Thanks for sharing! This is the season to do it, I think I'll take your advice this weekend and destress by doing something locally like you did. :)