Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is Pete.
He's cute, huh?
Well... let me tell you, he's cute, but he's BAD!
Okay, he's just a puppy so that's why he's bad.
Notice that he's behind bars. Yes, we live on 6 acres in the country.. a perfect place for a puppy to romp and play, but he's behind bars. Poor Pete you say? Okay, I agree, he should be romping and playing, but his brothers and sisters live next door so if we let him run and play he would run right next door to hang out with his siblings.
He's getting better. He's been here a few weeks so he's learning. Actually my son takes him out several times a day and plays with him and watches to make sure he doesn't make a mad dash to visit his family.

.... but he's still BAD!!!
See the bandaid on my toe? (Yes, I need a pedicure, but the chipped off polish is from the bandaid).... well, guess who bit my toe? Yep, Pete! I was trying to be nice and let him out from behind his bars and look what he does! How rude! And last week when I was trying to be nice, he scratched my leg and made it bleed. I had this huge scratch down my leg. Do I have to wear overalls and boots to play with Pete? I guess so!

So... here we are today. I'm giving him a second chance 'cuz he's just so cute and I know puppys like to chew on stuff... like my big toe. I think it's time we got him a big chew toy!

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