Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Got a few *ideas* goin' on in my head today. The closer school gets (tomorrow, yay!) the more creative juices start to flow.
We have a tour of old homes in my hometown every December. It's called The Candlewalk and my friend Julie and I have been going for the past several years. We have the best time touring old homes that have been restored. We get so many good ideas for our homes, and they usually stay "ideas" because we never do them. But we like to dream. Anyway, I got the idea today to try and set up a booth with my reconstructed vintage jewelry at one of the homes or businesses on the tour. My vintage jewelry would fit right in! I'll be talking to some people and trying to work that out.

The picture is just a mock up of a flyer that I might use to advertise. I'm trying to find a vintage looking font so I will be tweaking it and trying different things.

I've got another idea goin' on that I've been working on today. I'll blog about that soon....

The Candlewalk http://www.flickr.com/photos/56998696@N00/sets/72157603358314418/

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