Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Lovely, huh?

I took this "lovely" picture of myself several weeks ago. Sometimes I like to take picture of myself. (I think I've told ya that before.) I got used to taking picture of myself for my 365 days project on flickr (I was trying to paste a link to my 365's here, but for some reason it won't paste... see my flickr account if you wanna.) Anyway....this picture is how I've felt for about a week. I've had a headache off and on for a week. I think it's because of the change in weather. Also, my hair is "lovely" in this picture. I haven't had it cut in MONTHS!! One reason is, I feel guilty for spending $50 on a haircut when we need groceries. The other reason is my hairdresser was in a wreck and she hurt her hand and had to have it operated on so she's been out for a couple of months. I've been wearing my hair up because it's so hideous with all the split ends and frizziness from all the rain. I swear I could be a witch for Halloween and not need a wig! No kidding! It also needs to be colored, which I will be doing myself tomorrow. I told my husband I made an appointment to get it cut and I don't care if we don't have any food to eat as long as my hair looks good again. I've already picked out my new cut. There's a picture of Cindy Crawford in my new MORE magazine. She has a really cute shag 'do that I like. And YES, I know I'm not going to look like Cindy Crawford just because I get my hair cut like hers. Just ONE week from today and I won't have to wear my hair in a scrunchy anymore. Ok, so I try not to wear it in a scrunchy, but I might as well. I'm 45 and have a pony-tail. Not cute!
I'll post a picture with my new 'do next Wednesday.... YAY!

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The Flying Bee said...

LOL! You made me smile today! I loved this post! Sorry about the headaches....I have had them lately, too, but it's more about the braces I think. I can't wait to see that cute new do of yours!

Have a great week!