Monday, October 12, 2009


I love Mondays! I know, I'm weird. My weekends always seem to be busier than what I'd like. When Monday rolls around the kids are back to school and I try to keep Mondays free.

I actually did some work around the house...
balance the check book
and then....
watching some of my taped programs
reading blogs
working on my gypsy wind chime

......then it was time to pick up the kids
Goodbye Monday....

Here's a dish of some of my mother's jewelry that she collected throughout the years. It's sitting on my dresser. I wish she was still around to tell me where she found all these pretties. She was a garage sale/thrifter WAY before it was popular.
Happy Monday~
Enjoy the rest of your week.


Karen Valentine said...

Hi Lora! Thanks so much for coming by and leaving me a sweet comment. I enjoyed looking at your blog. I really like the mosaic of you being silly in your sidebar. It's really cute. Have a super day!

My Desert Cottage

The Flying Bee said...

Love those crazy pictures of you!!! They are so cute and funny! I feel the same about Mondays. It's my day to have quiet time or hit the shops after the busy weekend with the kids.

Thanks for your comment today!


LuLu said...

What an amazing bowl of beautiful treasures from your mom. So special!! Your pictures of being crazy are THE BEST!!
happy day,

Lora said...

Thanks girls... Those "crazy pictures" were for my 365 days project on flickr. Those were some of the 100+ pictures I took for my last day of 365 picture. I wanted something "glam" but most of them were just silly. Me? glam? ha!