Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Goodwill Goodies....

Yesterday I had a couple of hours to kill while waiting for my daughter to be done babysitting. Before going to the grocery store I decided to look around Goodwill for just a minute. Of course I wasn't going to buy anything.... just look.
I found a few things... things I like to call "Goodwill Goodies."

I found the peacock feather wreath for $5.00!! My daughter had seen one months ago while we were shopping in Glen Rose.


I'm sure that it was a lot more than $5.00!

I'll be adding it to her Christmas gifts. She'll love it!

I got this bunch for $5.00. Great deal! Peacock feathers are really expensive these days. I was going to give those to my daughter too, but decided I'd just use them in some of my craft projects.

I've been wanting a new purse, but didn't really want to spend the money on one. I found this for $3.00. Excellent condition. It's Fossil brand. It's big and roomy just like I like too.

This cute little liz claiborne purse was hiding behind some other purses. She's so cute and only $3.00. I think I'll bling her out a little... maybe a vintage rhinestone pin or something. Any ideas?

And... I LOVE books!!!

As you can see I like to read all kinds of books. $2.50 for all three.

It was a good day at Goodwill~


Jenny said...

You did good. I never find anything cool at Goodwill. Yard sales, yes, Goodwill, no.

Shay ~Designer Junk Finder said...

NICE...love thrifting.The peacock wreath is beautiful.
Yesterday was a great day for me as well..several new designer pieces of clothing..Palm Springs has amazing thrift stores.Can't stay away....