Monday, December 28, 2009

A walk in the woods on a dreary day

This is our woods behind our house. A few days ago Ethan asked me to go on a walk with him so
I said "yes" and grabbed the camera.

Here's our map. My daughter drew him a map of the woods and labeled all the "interesting" things down there.

Of couse all the nosey animals had to come along. Except Daisy... she stopped about midway there and laid down... she's old. We understand.

The woods are rather bleak this time of year. We have a lot of dead, fallen trees and our seasonal pond is empty.

Remnants of a campfire that we haven't used in awhile.

Ethan and Pete... a boy and his dog.

Dreary trees... the making of a tree house

Gotta climb the trees

Our neighbor's pond. It's so beautiful and peaceful. We don't have a pond like that... wish we did!

A dead pod of some kind... i think it's pretty~

pointy cactus

Abigail and Pete... she likes to climb.. he likes to annoy.

She's our poser...

... he is too, but just not quite as graceful as her

Black Jack isn't graceful either... they're boys

Me and my crazy hair... hiding behind my pretty walking stick that I found.

We walked to the very back of our 6 acres.

scary thorns....

I was hoping that something scary wouldn't pop out of this hole as I was taking the pictures!

More cacti... looks dead to me.


... heading back. Ethan showing me a few places on the map that we missed.

Even the animals are ready to head back.

... i can see home in the distance.
Thanks for taking a walk with us.

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Marie said...

how blessed to have all that for your back yard. lovely pictures.
merry christmas