Friday, February 19, 2010

It Snowed in Texas!

It snowed!

In Texas!

10-12 inches!!
A record since 1965 (a year after I was born)

From my kitchen window

.... into the woods
Isn't it gorgeous?

Our creek... it's seasonal so most of the time it doesn't even have water.

Bench and firepit in the woods

Hmmmm..... cactus and snow!?

"I can't move"

.... The animals

I wish it would snow like this every winter!
{Most of the pictures were taken by my daughter... I was sickly... she's quite the photographer!}

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Shippymolkfred said...

Lovely photos!
We have friends in Texas but I've never been there...Perhaps one day.
Greetings from Scotland (we had lots of snow as well this year)