Monday, August 15, 2011

Goodwill Goodies... and some other goodies

I spent a little time in my favorite place today....


 I saw this old purse. I think it's kind of cool. It's very roomy. I'm just not sure if I'm 'hip' enough to pull it off.

 Frames! If we ever when we sell our house and move, I plan to spray paint a lot of my frames that I've been collecting and put them on a wall. Some will have pictures and some will be empty. The oval one is a small mirror.. I'm thinking turquoise with a little distressing and stain. Maybe I'll do a wall of mirrors too!

A pair of shorts for Ethan. School starts pretty soon so we can't have too many shorts.

I put this cute little metal basket in my basket because I wasn't sure I wanted to buy it. I only wanted to spend about $10. We have a punch card for every $10 you spend and after spending $100. you get $10 of free stuff. I decided to keep it. At first I thought it would be cute with a few little potted plants in it. Then I remembered I needed something in the shower to keep all my little bottles from falling all over the place. It's perfect!!
{It has a handle, but I took it off for now... this cute little metal basket will probably hold something else one of these days and I might want the handle then.}

 Another view.
{sorry about the yellow-ish color.. no flash}

So, there you have my goodwill goodies.
Total spent... $11.84!

....and now, here is something I'm working on

It kind of looks like a robot sitting on the steps. {I think I've been exposed to too many transformer toys this summer.} It's really too hot here in Texas  to work on it, but I just couldn't resist spraying some paint on it to see what it looked like. Hopefully I'll have a post on this table and two chairs coming soon.

And now for the
Cutest Baby In The Whole World

My grandson.
We were hangin' out on the floor and I snapped this pic
so I thought I'd share.

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