Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Goodwill is so GOOD to me....

I found these pieces at Goodwill a few days ago. Me and the girls just stopped in to kill some time. I made a beeline for the furniture section. They don't usually have nice furniture or if they do it's usually priced too high. I saw these and the price was right! But... I was there just to kill some time, not spend money. So, I hovered over them going back and forth and looking and telling myself I didn't need to spend the money. Finally I talked myself into buying them. Big surprise.
The headboard was $10 and I had been looking for one to paint and sell. It was perfect!

The table was $20. Yes, I said $20!! I have been looking for this exact table for several years. I'm pretty sure it's solid oak and it was only $20!! How could I pass that up? Well, I couldn't.

When the weather cools off {The Dallas/Ft.Worth area has had 64 days of 100+ weather. Fun.} I have big plans for these two.

(I'll get a better picture of the table when I quit being lazy and get it out of the back of my mini-van)

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