Sunday, September 25, 2011

Look what I found on the curb today

So, my daughter and I are driving down the road today. {She's driving and she's 16... scary.} I look over and there these lovely pieces sit. I've been looking for curbside treasures for weeks now and, YAY, I finally find some!

I say "oh look" and she says "you want me to turn around, mom?"


Do you notice anything missing on this lovely chair? It basically has no back. It stinks too. But... it has potential. As soon as we got home I took it out and put it under the car port and febreez-ed it. Much  better. {I'm pretty sure the cats are going to use it as a bed though.}

Next is another lovely piece. I like it! It's retro!

Look at those funky drawer pulls. I'm thinking I'm gonna keep 'em!

Can you say... peeling laminate?

LOTS of peeling laminate?

Looks like the back is going to need some work too.

I think I'll just pull that back off the rest of the way and mod podge it with a funky/retro design.

Remember the 16 year old? She wants it.

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