Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I CAN'T BELIEVE I drove off and left this sitting on the curb!!

I was driving down a street in my hometown headed about 30 miles down the road to pick up my daughter from a school function. I saw this and IMMEDIATELY pulled over. I think the guy behind me thought I was crazy. I wanted to just throw it in my car. I'm still driving the p t cruiser while my minivan is being put back together after the wreck. Anyway... I wasn't sure it would even fit. I WOULD HAVE MADE IT FIT!! I headed up to the door to make sure it was "trash"... Nobody was there!!! I stood there on their porch wondering if I should just take it... I KNEW it would be gone by the time I drove back by several hours later!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was kind of in a hurry and just wasn't sure if it was okay to take it so I drove off. I DROVE OFF!!!! AND LEFT THIS SITTING THERE FOR SOME OTHER LUCKY JUNKER TO COME BY AND SNATCH UP!!!

When I drove back by several hours... of course....




Next time, I'm just going to take it! If' it's even NEAR the curb... IT'S MINE!!!


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hello, I'm from the Department of Junkers, I'm here to revoke your license.

What were you thinkin', girl???

Seriously, I know you're kicking yourself, so I won't add to it. Man, this one is gonna haunt you for awhile.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lora said...

Anne :(

I know!!! Never again! I'm taking anything that's close to a curb from now on... even if I have to tie it to the top of my car.