Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's goin' on in the craft room

Slowly, very slowly, I've been working on my craft room.
I'm hoping this weekend me and the husband can move his crap
into one corner, organize it, get rid of some of it
and then
put something cool in front of it
to camoflauge it!

Like maybe these old door's from my dad's attic...

and another old door that is out in the barn.

See that maroon iron bed?
My daughter wants it painted gray and put in her room.
The craft room is full of projects.

Like this...

{Another "gem" found in my dad's garage. My mother loved old, chippy,
junk, antiques before it was cool. See pic below...
another piece my mother found somewhere.}

This will be painted black and go in my other daughter's room.
I'm hoping to buy the paint this weekend and finish it.


Here's my new chalk board wall in progress.
I fininshed painting it, but haven't painted the second coat yet.
I've been too busy this week and it's driving me crazy...
all I want to do is be in my craft room.
Cleaning, organizing, working on projects!!

{I just noticed you can't even see the typewriter on the floor. I'll post a pic soon... it's really cool}
I can't wait to write on that chalk wall...
neither can my kids.

I put magnets on the back of some of my collages and stuck them to the metal door.

Messy mess.

My daughter, Lydia made this one. I like it.

Still working on this one. It needs a little something more.
I like the poem. I have it on my fridge.
I think it's important for parents to remember.....

REALLY like this song.
I printed it out a couple of years ago
and gave it to my teen girls.
Important for them to remember and also
us moms too!

Still shiny... not dry yet.

I've been neglecting my jewelry making, but here are a few things I'm working on....

I think it's time to clean out my beading board... what a mess!


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