Friday, October 8, 2010

Best bargains ever!!

This week was a good week for bargains!

I got these at a Bath & Body Works Outlet
for $1.12 each!!
Total bill $3.64 for three of these. They're usually $4.50 each.
I love to get a bargain. It makes me smile.

Now comes the best bargain EVER!

Goodwill paid ME .37 cents! Yes, they paid ME!!

First, all the hardback books were on sale for $1. instead of $2.
So, I picked out 5 books,
the cute little kitty thing that I'm going to use to make a cute windchime .75 cents,
 a big white shirt $4.19
and a thick glass bowl/candle holder ($1.)that fell to the floor and broke as I was paying for my stuff. All of this cost .71 cents because I had a frequent shopper card that you get stamped every time you spend $10. After you spend $100. you get $10. worth of free merchandise. Anyway, the guy says it's his fault that the glass fell out of my bag and gives me back $1.08
so.... Goodwill paid me .37 cents!
I'd say that was the
best bargain ever!

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