Saturday, October 9, 2010

My new earring holder

I made this earring holder to possibly use in a store that sells my jewelry.
It didn't work for the store so I decided to use it, for now, in my room.

I have several old frames in my craft room.
Spray painted it white and glued it. (It was a little wobbly and still is, but not as bad.)

I strung some twine across the frame and hot glued it with a vintage button on top to help hold it.

Here's where it ended up. In my bedroom.
Also, now it is filled up with my earrings.
I want to fix up some frames with screen in them for holding earrings...
one of my many projects. I really need to get busy on some of my projects!

I finally hung the pretty hook that Julie bought me at Antique Alley. I thought it looked really good beside my peacock feathers on the dresser. My room is tan with burgundy curtains and pillows. I've been wanting to change it, so now I'm thinking tan and teal.
What do ya think?

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