Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Antique Alley

Saturday was Antique Alley. It's miles and miles of flea markets in my hometown and surrounding areas. They have it twice a year and my friend, Julie, and I try to go every year. Our favorite "spot" in Whippoorwill Hill. We think they have the best stuff.
Just look at all the goodies....

cutest little piggy ever....

Hi Olive Oyl and Popeye...

I thought this was such a good idea. Old light covers turned upside down.. add some wire and you have a pretty birdfeeder. Now I just have to find some old light covers.
Now, heres's some things I couldn't live without. I spent less than $20 all day.

Old frame... $5.
I'm going to buy some velvet ribbon to hang it with and maybe make a wall with picture-LESS frames. Yay!


It's all broken and worn and I LOVE IT!!!!

I FINALLY found a crown. They're so popular and I haven't been able to find any vintage ones. This was $3.

Old keys for jewelry and vintage bottle charms....
$1. for all three.

Rhinestone brooch (?)... not sure what it is. There is no pin on back, it's just hollow. I'm thinking it will go perfect on one of my vintage bottles. $1.00

Yay... I finally found some vintage religious pieces. This is the front.....

and this is the back. $1.00

Old crucifix.$2.00

Metal owl. .50 cents!!!
He looks kinda mad. :O)
I used to not like owls... they were so 70's! But now that they're back in style, I kinda think they're cute. Even this mad little guy. He's really heavy and solid.
I'm thinking about framing him, maybe with a little embroidered "saying" and some feathers glued to the frame.
Any suggestions on the embroidered "saying?"

Here's his backside.

Thanks for stopping by...
this was our sunset last night.
So beautiful~


The Fancy Lady said...

ooo great owl find

Burning Moon said...

You have found some great finds,I love flea markets but haven't been to one in a long time