Friday, September 25, 2009

~Dreaming of a new Craft Room ~

Here's what my "craft space" looks like right now. I cleaned it not too long ago, but all of you who CREATE know that it doesn't stay clean very long. If it's clean.... you're not creating!

It's such a hodge podge of stuff. I dream of one day having all my supplies in beautiful containers that match. Well, not too matchy, but containers that all look pretty together in one heavenly crafting spot.

My plan...... is to have a huge yard sale within the next few weeks and clean out my storage building that is currently filled to the brim. It's a very nice storage building that was once my children's resale store. The building was sitting by the road (a pretty busy road for "the country"), but when I closed the store we moved it back further into the pasture.

It's the perfect place to put all my crafts and jewelry making supplies.

I have BIG plans for that storage building! I plan to craft with my daughters. Invite friends to come hang out and craft. Have my yearly jewelry sale there.

I'm also thinking about having a "PASTURE SALE" every few months and inviting people to set up and sale their goodies.

This is my Inspiration Bulletin Board. I have pictures from blogs of things I think are pretty and inspire me. I also have some work in progress pieces stuck up there, supplies and a sweet note from my daughter.

... some vintage pieces

vintage necklaces waiting to be used in some of my creations....

work in progress...

My newest piece.

Vintage pins on chunky chains... i just love how they turned out!

I'll keep ya posted on my new, dreamy, heavenly craft room....


Karen Valentine said...

Hi Lora!
Thanks for coming by and saying hi! You jewelry is lovely. Do you sell it anywhere on line???

My Desert Cottage

Lora said...
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Lora said...

Hi Karen. Thanks. Yes I sell my jewelry at My newer reconstructed vintage pieces are not in my etsy shop. I sell them at an antique store. If you are interested in something just let me know and I can add it to my etsy shop.