Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Estate Sales, Yard Sales, Ebay and Goodwill *Goodies*

Here are my *finds* from my Saturday adventure...

I bought this at an Estate Sale. It's a stamp and ink pad. I assume it's from China since it has a panda and a Chinese animal/symbol on top of the stamp. The stamp is heavy... probably made of stone (?) I will probably try to sell on ebay so I need to research it. It was $2.00

These were in the back yard at the Estate Sale. Rusty bells and butterfly. These might be used in one of my handmade wind chimes. All three less than a dollar.

A pretty little metal candle holder. I think it was $1.50.

Cute little ceramic birdies .25 cents each.

A hanging candle holder for my daughter (see previous post). I got this at a yard sale for $5.00.

A small embroidered table cloth from the Estate Sale. I think it was $2.00.

Nine cloth napkins for $1.50 and small embroidered tablecloth.

I just LOVE these! These are my newest ebay purchase. Rhinestones!!! Sparkly and pretty. The earrings were $4.00 and the bow was $3.42. I will be making something out of these soon!
~happy thrifting.......

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Designer Junk Finder said...

wow...super great price on the linen napkins,we use ours everyday.love them.
At that price it doesn't matter if they get dirty.:}