Friday, January 1, 2010

Antique Shelf

My dining room shelf . . .

This shelf is, I guess, sort of a homage to my mother, Willeta. She loved antiques, even when they weren't the "in" thing. She was always coming home with something from the antique store. When I was young I thought she was so uncool or just plain old. I wanted a house decorated with cool clay sculptures, glass coffee tables and smelling of eucalyptus like my friend Kathryn's house. Little did I know that 30+ years later all the stuff she loved and put in our home is all the beautiful "in" things that I see on my favorite blogs. Luckily, I still have some of her things so as I get older those pieces are making their way into my home.

The framed pictures are of my parents.
The small bottles on the left side of the shelf were hers.
The framed heart is a beautiful antique card that she put in a frame.
The frame isn't very pretty so I plan to re-frame it in something more ornate.

. . . . more of my dining room shelf

....and this frame and flower are sitting on the floor and propped up against the wall in my dining room. I bought the frame at a flea market for $5. .... it's worn and beautiful! The flower is from Wal-Mart... yes, I said Wal-Mart. I saw it one day when I was hanging out in the flower section. Most of the flowers were not very pretty, but this one caught my eye. I put it in my basket, then put it back. I really needed all my money that day to buy groceries. It wasn't very much, I think maybe $5., but that would buy a couple of gallons of milk and my budget was pretty low that day. A week or two later the flower was still there, so I bought it. I just love it for some reason. I plan to attach it to the frame and hang the frame empty on the wall. I'll be sure and post a picture when that project is done.

... the more I think I want a more modern look for my home .... the more antiques seem to creep into my house. . .

Hmmmmm...... maybe a little angel named Willeta is whispering in my ear

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LesChic Boutique said...

Ahh I really love this story..reminds me of my mom..I have a picture of her that is similar. I agree with wanting a new house and new things when I was I buy new things that look old ;)