Wednesday, January 27, 2010

*Garden Charms*

I've been creating these "things" and wasn't sure what to call them. When I talked about them to my husband I called them "hangy thingys" (not a great name) .... He came up with a few ideas for names that were completely ridiculous (he meant to be ridiculous) so yesterday I was thinking about what to call them and I came up with *garden charms*. I'm still not completely satisfied with that, but it's the best I can do. (If anyone has suggestions please leave a comment!!) I had to call them something because I plan to make some more and take them to a couple of nurseries around town to see if they can sell them for me. I think they'll sell. At least my friend, Julie, said she thought they would... but she's my friend so maybe she's a little biased.

Anyway.... I think they would be cute hanging from a tree, from a porch, in a window, maybe even as a fan pull.... the possibilities are endless! Okay, maybe not endless.

I just love them and enjoy making them. I want to keep about half of them for myself, but I'm not :O)

{Getting a good picture of the charms hanging was not going well. Some things are just difficult to photograph. I decided to take a close up shot too for more detail}

{The backdrop for the "hanging" pictures is my front door... it's shabby chic}

{hey.. wait a minute... let me see if I can find a picture of my front door... I know I have one somewhere in my files...}

..............found it!


Tracy said...

Hi Lora! It's so nice to meet you! I love your garden charms...too pretty :) Thanks for stopping by.

Marie said...

heya tracy
how about Char'dens?

Lora said...

Marie... ha... that's cute. Thanks for the suggestion.

Dee said...

Lora, those are wonderful. You are so creative & your door is fabulous.