Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wishing for Spring~*~

It's been so cold and dreary. I'm SO ready for Spring!
I thought I'd post some pictures from my last 2 springs. Maybe it will make me feel better (or worse.)

This picture was taken around May of '09. Everything is so GREEN. This is my front porch. When I walk out there now, it looks pretty pitiful and dreary.

Back yard . . .
I'm hoping to do a lot of work to the back yard this spring. I'd like to put in some raised flower beds and plant flowers for cutting and some veggies and I want to try to grow some strawberries...yum.

Bathing suit time is always a little scary, ok, a lot scary!

Fruit salad.... yum~

~painted toenails with cutesy flowers
{notice my flip flop tan line :O) }

~baby kittens... maybe we'll have some more this spring...
i hope so!!

~another cutie

wild flowers I picked while taking a walk on our land

... can't wait to take my shoes off and enjoy the green grass


T said...

I am soooooo ready for spring too!

Deb said...

Hi! I'm so excited that someone even saw my add in the paper! I'm pretty new at photography and blogging! You're blog looks so great while mine needs a little help! So I see you are a stay at home myself. So how do you market and sell your jewelry? From the few I saw they looked really nice and well made. Thanks for your comment! It is nice to have a fellow blogger so close.

Julie said...

Hi - from another Texas girl! I am ready for Spring too!