Monday, March 1, 2010

My Morning.... random stuff

This post is just a bunch of random stuff that I wanted to show.
I bought two new, old bottles the other day at an antique mall. There is one booth that has old bottles for cheap. One was $2. and the other was $3.
More stuff to add to my "I've got plans" pile...

Here is my first attempt at mod podging a letter... I thought it turned out pretty good.
I want to do some that say E.A.T to put in my kitchen.
.... "L" for Lora

In my kitchen window this morning (or last night, don't remember)
A pretty new bloom... here comes spring!

Buff and Abigail trying to stay dry on the back porch this morning. More rain!
I think they might be a mom and dad in the near future. My husband had to have "the talk" with our 10 year old {I'm sure it was past time for the talk anyway} because he saw them.. um.... "gettin' busy" in the pasture.
Don't you think they'll have the most beautiful kittens? I can't wait!

here is what I saw this morning when my son walked out of his bedroom.
I'd say this was definitely
So funny... I had to take a picture.
He's gettin' a haircut this week!

Have a great week everyone~

1 comment:

red.neck chic said...

If I told you my resident teen purposely does that with his hair would you believe me? I think he has more hair products than I do... LOL

I love your decoupaged letter!!! Your so talented!!! Can't wait to see what you do with your newest bottles! And the kitties? Oh my gosh - the kittens are going to be gorgeous!!!

;-) robelyn