Thursday, October 6, 2011

I want to buy this building

Ever since I saw Flashdance I've wanted to live in a warehouse. Ok, I know that was WAY back in the 80's, but I've always secretly dreamed of living in one of the old buildings in my hometown. My dream is to have a store and live upstairs. Well, our house is for sale and my husband said he would actually consider it. What? Really?

There are quite a few old buildings for sale in the downtown area of my hometown (the town we'll be moving to when we sell our house) and I've been known to pull over my car and get out to look in the windows and imagine what it would be like to have a store and live upstairs.

I pulled over to this building the other day and the store owner next door happened to be outside and asked if I'd like to look at it. He had a key. I said, of course I would. He let me look around and said he'd lock up when I was gone. Woo-Hoo! It was so much fun. Since then I've gone back and walked through with some of my family. My cousin happens to be a real estate agent and he walked through with me. It has a lot of potential. It's 3 stories and even has living quarters on the top floor.

I sat down the other day and drew out a bunch of plans and ideas. I do that a lot. Sometimes dreams come true.... we'll see.

To some people this building probably looks like a mess, but to me it has all kinds of possibilities!

You know what they say..... Dream Big!

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