Saturday, October 1, 2011

Paint and finish day...

that's what today is supposed to be. I'm pretty sure I finished a headboard that... um, no.. I just remembered I have to wax/seal it. Ok, so today is not FINISH day, but work on finishing something day.

I did do this today though.

This is my laundry/mud room. See the chippy table? My mom bought/found on the curb (?) many, many years ago.

Look at all that chippy, distressed goodness! (My mom had cut a piece of linoleum.. you know the kind that's white with small gold flecks/dots?.... UGLY.. on the top. It wasn't attached so I took that off real fast!)

I sanded it and then thought it looked pretty perfect.

So I cleaned it off and put it in the laundry/mud room.
My husband needed a place to put all his "stuff" when he comes home so I wandered around the house looking for something.

I tried this...

It was a little too "mod" for the table.

So I tried this...

Actually, I'm not totally happy with this one, but it's bigger and holds more "stuff" and the style goes better with the table. But... it's too close to the color of the table so I may have to rub a little bit of color on it or find something else. It works for now and my husband couldn't care less. Maybe he won't lose his keys now.

More pics....
One side of the table and the legs are metal and it's hollow inside. It's an unusual little table. 

I wish I had prettier things to hang from the hooks, but this is reality. Caps, hats, dirty lunch boxes. I think the spurs are cute though.

Maybe tomorrow I'll FINISH something. (Probably not.)

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