Thursday, September 23, 2010

Antique Alley LOvE.....

It's that time of year again... time for antique alley.
My friend, Julie, and I usually go.

Our favorite spot is

We had a really good time this year. We didn't stay too long so we weren't exhausted and hot.

I saw a lot of purty stuff!

My FAVE of the day was this booth. I spotted it and pretty much ran over to it and started taking pictures. The first thing I said to the vendor was "I want to buy everything in this booth!!"
and ... I bought nothing :O)
Only because I didn't have any money. We talked for awhile about all her cool stuff and about blogging. 

Take a look at all her cool stuff that she makes....

I wanted this peace heart SO BAD!!!!

Just look at all the rusty goodness!!!


Tin letters... love those too!!

One day I WILL buy some of her stuff!!

I thought this was cute. I've seen these at Hobby Lobby with the natural wood and they painted it my new favorite shade of blue... aqua!! I'm thinking I might make a trip to HL to get one of these and paint it the same color.

This was also a neat booth. They had rocks and metal work animals.

Cute turtles

An army of ants

This was a very cool dragon made of metal.

People just amaze me with their talents. I would love to go to people's
work spaces and watch them create their art.

I want a fountain like this in my backyard.
She reminds me of a fountain in a little courtyard
of a beautiful shop in Fredericksburg.
I fell in love with the shop and the courtyard fountain!

Aren't these the cutest things ever?
If I'd had money that day I would have definitely bought one of these!

Now I'm wondering why I didn't get peoples business cards!!??? I'm pretty sure this lady
sets up every year so maybe I'll see these little cupcakes again.

And this is what my dear friend, Julie, (who always pays for stuff and won't take no for an answer) bought me. I showed this to her because I really liked it and when I walked to another booth she was
VERY SNEAKY and hung around that booth and bought it for me when I wasn't looking.

Thanks Julie.


erin said...

wowza!! there is some cool stuff there! i like the cut up tin!! happy fall, ya'll!

TheVirginiaHouse said...

Wow!! That is so fun!! Thanks for leaving me a comment! I also loved the funky metal art booth. She is the sweetest lady and actually has a blog as well. Glad you like the hook. I bought some of those peices of trim at a previous antique alley and added the hooks. I loved how they turned out! It's always fun to find fellow Texan bloggers!