Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday... my first~

My first
What I Wore Wednesday

I found this through one of my many blogs I read
and it sounds like fun. I actually wore something besides
boxer shorts and t-shirts this week AND
put on makeup since I subbed 3 days this week and wasn't
just doing mom stuff around the house.

I've seen so many cute outfit ideas and I'm hoping it will inspire me
to dress a little better. It would help if I had money to update my wardrobe...
it's been awhile... a LONG while!
 I have two teen girls in the house so their wardrobe is usually updated
and not mine. I'll probably include them in the what i wore wednesday sometimes.

Linked to:

top: don't have a clue where i got it... i've had it a long time (like most of my wardrobe)
jeans: Old Navy.. i'm sure on sale
flip flops: pink sparkly flops, but don't know where i got them either
necklace: made by me, but didn't get a picture of it
wore to: substitute teach
hair: need a haircut REALLY, REALLY bad!
empty bird cage: free in front of someones house

top: Old Navy clearance
capris: Wal-Mart
flip flops: Wal-Mart $3.00... very squishy and comfy
necklace and bracelet: made by me
wore to: substitute teach


Johnna Brunenkant said...

Love that jewelry set! Great way to bring in some color!!

Lora said...

Thanks Johnna. I love black... so slimming, but a pop of color is good.