Saturday, September 11, 2010

New stuff

Here are a few new things I've made lately... 

I'm pretty sure I'm keeping this bracelet. I'm always wanting a colorful bracelet
so I decided it was time I made myself one.  

I haven't decided if I'll keep this black and white one. I wore it to church last Sunday
with another black and white bracelet. Sometimes I just have to wear something a few
times before I can sell it :O)..... anyone else do that?

I'm such a procrastinator!
I made these garden charms months
ago. I had plans to take them to some local nurseries to sell or consign.
It's now Fall and I still haven't done it. I hope people will buy these
now... it would have been much better to sell in the Spring
when people are starting their Spring gardening.

I made some new price tags for them... the first ones I made were just... what's the word? .....
Not good.
Not cute.
Kinda cheesy.
VERY homemade looking.

These are cute. I think.

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